Kumaon “The Dev Bhoomi”, One such place Ranikhet!!

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Once again I asked myself why Mountains??? Afterall I puke, I have motion sickness; still my heart pops out with joy…..when i say “Let’s go to Mountains” !!!  There my heart replied……the ease the Mountains holds…..the crystal clear sky……the fluffy clouds……the pristine landscapes, what else you can ask for!!

So there we goooooo KUMAON- THE DEV BHOOMI(Uttarakhand)!!! Our first destination was “Ranikhet-Queen of Meadows “!! We commenced to Ranikhet from Kathgodam.


TRAVEL TALE- As I was preoccupied looking through my carrrrr window; a “TINKLE SOUND” knocked my ear again and again!!! It took me some time to figure out that the ‘SOUND’ was coming from the small bell hanged upside to the drivers seat, and that our driver(Rawat) “Rings the Bell” every time a “Temple” passes by.  Out of curiosity I asked him, and he happily mentioned that being born in “Dev Bhoomi”, it’s in his habit from last 15 years(his driving career). He was definitely a “God Fearing Person”.

As we were approaching Ranikhet the sky was clear ; but soon the clear sky was taken back by “Dark Watery Clouds”. Sudden “Cloudburst with Ice pellets” made the weather icy cold, cold as seemed some “DEMENTOR” taking my soul away. 


Finally after 2 hrs, rain stopped. “Mountain Rains” shower like “Cats and Dogs” and then…………. sudden silence in weather. This day we visited nearby places “Haidakhan Temple”“Mankameshwar Temple” and “Shawl Factory”.…….old ladies showed some work to us, it was nice talking to them.

Haidakhan Temple

On returning back, we asked our driver to drop us to famous “Ranikhet Golf Course”(Movie-Raja Hindustani fame), just 10 mins walking distance from our Guest House, nearby Kalika Temple. OMG…..beautiful place……..a great place for picnic!! Tall standing trees touching the sky……we stroll around for sometime.

Ranikhet Golf Course

“Red nose, numb hands and feets”!!! Harsh winds and scary cold weather!! It was late evening; by this time it was hard to endure! This was the very first time when i felt the power of “MIGHTY FIRE”!!! ‘Bonfire’! FIRE our savior, our hero!!! 

Umesh Singh, the caretaker was of great help to us. Originally belonged to Garwahal, but from last 25 years resides in kumaon; as his job demands.


Thank God!!! This day was better than previous one. Time to explore Ranikhet. It was still partial cloudy……but who cares!!!


The day started with the blessings of Lord Shiva. “Binsar Mahadev Temple” is almost 20 Kms from Ranikhet. The Temple is situated in the middle of ‘Dense Forest’. Beautiful temple….perfect place to experience solitary with no mobile signals…. just you and divine GOD.


Binsar Mahadev Temple-20 kms from Ranikhet



“Jhula Devi Temple” or I should say “Temple of Bells” is situated near Chaubatia Garden almost 9 kms from Ranikhet. Jhula Devi Mata; the goddess of fulfilling wishes. Devotees makes the wish and ties a bell. My mother tooo made a wish and tried a bell (it’s still a secret what she wished for…..hahaha).

Jhula Devi Temple near Chaubatia -9 kms from Ranikhet



Just adjacent to Jhula Devi Temple is “Ram Mandir”.



“Chaubatia Garden” is the best place in Ranikhet to get the lovely views. It’s 2 kms walk around!! 9 kms from Ranikhet ,situated at Cantt area. Chaubatia Garden is full of apple, apricots, peach trees. It’s pretty place to stroll and enjoy. 

The sky was clear, the fluffy clouds were floating……seemed they offering me a ride.


Chaubatia Garden-9 kms from Ranikhet

It was afternoon by now; time for lunch!!! Ranikhet don’t offer fancy restaurants. Near bus stand was little Dhaba, where we had our lunch. 

Next Stop…..Katarmal Surya Temple……… Next Blog


Special Thanks to Sri. Ajai Sharma

Singapore at Budget

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In continuation to my previous blog “Best of Singapore”, here comes “Singapore at Budget”. My first trip to Singapore was crazy!!! being first time on any foreign land, I bumped on all possible popular stuff in Singapore. So on my second trip I tried to be reasonable; and to my surprise there are number of “FREE THINGS OR LOW COST THINGS” to do in Singapore’.

Contradictory to my believe Singapore is blessed with quite a “Greenery”. The gardens are beautiful; Singaporeans being quite a fitness freak, they have lot of options of hiking and strolling.

So, let’s take a stroll-


Simply asomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Fantasy comes to reality for Adventure plp!!! At the heart of Singapore city, probably one can’t even image such enormous greenery and water-body with such a amazing scenic beauty; coz Singapore is often known for “Skyscrapers”.

As I am jotting down the memories of “Tree Top Walk at MacRitchie Reservoir”,  I still can’t feel my legs(PAINNNNNNNNNNNNN; these extra N’s  define my pain, hahaha). It was a 10 kms walk. Walk though forest, ups and downs and involve lots and lots of staircase; that lead us to the “The Tree Top”.  It’s a “SUSPENSION BRIDGE” at the heart of city. I am so glad that I did this hiking.

Funny Tale- Me and my Aunt were struggling to walk in these forest and the localities (Singaporeans) were actually running in those forest(Ewww). At one point we simply craved that someone to carry us to our home ;).

Three ways to reach “Tree Top”-

  1. Entry through MacRitchie Reservoir and reaching Tree Top via Ranger Station and back through same way. Total distance covered 10 kms. MacRitchie Reservoir is 10 mins ride from Marymount MRT.
  2. Entry through MacRitchie Reservoir and reaching Tree Top via Ranger Station  and back through Venus Drive Carpark. Total distance covered 7 kms.
  3. Entry through Venus Drive Carpark and reaching Tree Top via Ranger Station and back through same way. Total distance covered 5 kms.


It’s a combination of Four gardens Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park and Labrador Nature Reserve, together they are called “Southern Ridge” and total distance covered is around 10 kms. Due to lack of time we started with Hort Park followed by Telok Blangah Hill Park and finally to the Mount Faber Park. The main attraction is the “Henderson Wave Bridge” that connects Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber Park. 

Southern Ridge takes you far from noisy city and the views one get to see is just superb. From Mount Faber Park one gets great view of Habour. The rain surprised us, doubled our ‘Fun and Excitement’.

We took the ‘Marang Trail’ to reach Viva City Habour Front MRT; the other option is cable car.

Note-One can make entry through any park( Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, Hort Park and Labrador Nature Reserve), total distance covered is around 10 kms. On to return, either one can take cable car to reach Viva City Habour Front MRT or walk through Marang Trail to reach viva City Habour Front MRT.


Just next to Chinese Garden MRT lies “Chinese and Japanese Garden”. Thought the day was hot,but still we managed to have some fun.Chinese and Japanese gardens are heritage to this city; great old structures with a beautiful lake.

Lake sparkles and looks spectacular as the sun rays fall on the water; it simply enhances the beauty of the garden. It’s perfect place to sit and relax.


Just next to Botanical Garden MRT lies “Singapore Botanical Garden”. It’s quite famous among tourists as well as locals.



OMG!!! This is what one reacts at a first place. This place gives the feel of real Singapore. Situated at the heart of city is Marina Bay. It was a jaw dropping experience for me.

HAPPY TALE- As we reached Marina Bay, I somewhat freezed for a moment!!! It was so beautiful……… out there. I looked up to my Aunt and said “Why didn’t we come here first”; she smiled and said I saved “Best for the Last”.

Marina Bay Sand

It’s a 5 star hotel with exquisite mall inside. One can roam and witness the great mall with it’s amazing structure(SHIP-STRUCTURE) and amenities inside it. Definitely posing in front of Marina Bay sand is on the top list of every tourist and clicks and lots of clicks.


There are number of Casino’s in Marina Bay Sand. Even seeing others playing is also kind of fun; one just need to carry a passport and have to dress formal.

Merlion Park

Merlion is the symbol of Singapore. Its half lion and half fish body structure. Just on the side of Singapore river lies the Merlion Park.

Helix Bridge

Helix Bridge is a connector bridge. Best to be visited at night.

Garden by the Bay

Whooo Whooo Whooo!!! It’s simply enchanted, seemed I landed in Fantasy-land! Presenting to you the unbelievable “Garden by the Bay”. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore.

“The Free evening “Light and Sound Show” is the high-point of this pretty garden. It’s simply treat to the eyes. The best way to enjoy is to just lay on your back, relax and enjoy this mesmerising show with Melodramatic Sounds and Glittering Lights! Twinkle twinkle so many stars……truly this was the moment when I simply wished I could hold back the time and just lived that moment for ever! hmmmm.

Supertree Grove(Skywalk)-awesomeeee!!! Just my way to describe it, hehehe. “Supertree Grove” is a tree like giant structures. Lift took us to the top of Supertree which was connected to the other Supertree via skywalk. We were able to look through the entire garden, the Singapore Flyer , the gigantic Marina Bay Sands.It was truly one in a million experience, stars beneath the stars……

Just by spending S$5 one can have an experience for the lifetime. 


As we reached the famous “Chinatown” ; it’s vibrant colours and positive energy made our hearts popped out. It was merry around.

We visited the two famous Temples “Buddha Tooth Relic Temple” and “Sri Mariamman Temple.

“Little India” name says all!!! It’s a paradise for “INDIAN’S”; the 24×7 Mustafa Store provides all, what an indian can ask for.


Both “Chinatown” are “Buggis” are famous for street shopping; while”Orchard Street” is high end fashion street with top brands; “Daiso” is one dollar store. The first two places are best to buy souvenirs. While I preferred Buggis over Chinatown to get gifts back home.


Want to enjoy Singapore nightlife!!! Clarke Quay is what you looking for. While the days are quiet, one can enjoy the ferry ride and stroll around; the evenings are fun and filled with high energy, with good food , drinks and nightclubs.

Special Thanks to Mrs. Shiksha Sharma and Mr. Subhash Sharma

Khajjiar-“Surreal Beauty” of Himanchal Pradesh 

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“Khajjiar” bestowed with ‘Pictorial Beauty’ undoubtedly is Beauty Beneath the Sky!!! Khajjiar often stated as mini “Switzerland of India”; is just 25 kms from “Dalhousie”-Himanchal Pradesh.

By the time we started planning for trip to Dalhousie, Khajjiar was all over my mind. Being Internet flooded with such “APPEALING PICTURES OF KHAJJIAR”; made me more inclined towards it.

Panoramic view of Khajjiar

Panoramic view of  Khajjiar

A visit to Khajjiar is like a dream for every travel lover! It definitely makes to the top of  every traveler bucket list; visit and be surprised by its “Charm”……… by its “Surreal Landscape”The very moment i got out of the car, i was spellbound by the panoramic view of this place; simply feast for the eyes, a proud moment of “The Incredible India”.


A dream cottage………..Khajjiar


Khajjiar is a “Flat lush Green Meadow” with saucer shape water body in middle; and tall deodar trees surrounding it. It’s simply spellbinding for the nature lovers like me.

Khajjiar has something for everyone!!! People looking for adventure activities can opt for Paragliding(Rs.2000-Rs. 2500)or Zorbing(Rs. 300), or simply enjoy Horse riding(Rs. 300-Rs.500). Kids will love to get clicked with cute rabbits(Rs. 20).


Zorbing at Khajjiar
Horse riding at Khajjiar

Personally, a great walk is what i will recommend. We took a side trail and traveled through the path, with tall deodar trees standing tall at both sides.

Side trail at Khajjiar


Somehow, I wish this extraordinary nature’s gift to us be maintained more. Himanchal Tourism” should work more towards cleaning and maintaining of Khajjiar; since it’s one of the main earning source of Dalhousie and nearby people.


Charges for different activities may vary with seasons(Peak season and Off season). 

Best to be enjoyed on a perfect sunny day. 

Dalhousie-Khajjiar-Chamba-Himanchal Pradesh

Hey all

 If I say Mountains do have some kind of charm of there own, probably I won’t be wrong. As I took my very first breathe in “Dalhousie”, it felt something #Magical#Peace#Happiness………

The best part is its super duper awesome weather. One will instantly FALL IN LOVE with Dalhousie. OMG!!! It’s Paradise for Trekkers, a gateway for Hikers; simply a perfect place to feel and experience serenity.

View from Bakrota Hills, Dalhousie
Dainkund Peak Dalhousie
Beautiful Sunset at Dalhousie

After beholding the Mountains of Uttarkhand, J&K and Sikkim; this year it has to be the state of “Himanchal Pradesh”. The state being replete with beautiful places with beautiful landscape, it was truly a tough call to finalise on one town. After a lot of reasoning we finally finalised on “Dalhousie-khajjiar-Chamba”.

It was last week of September 2016. We board from Lucknow and reached Pathankot Cantt by train (almost 17 hrs journey)……………. opps our train got late by 3 hrs. It was a hot afternoon in Pathankot. Further 3 hrs and we reached Dalhousie by around 5:30 pm.

By a local taxi we reached our “Hotel-Satyam International”. By the time we checked in our hotel it was dark and cold outside. As we were exhausted, we had early dinner and went to sleep.


We raise and shine early to see the sunrise, nothing less than a “MAGICAL” moment….. golden rays peeking through the mountains……simply spectacular. As compared to the previous day, the present day was bright and sunny. 

Got ready and opt not to have breakfast at hotel, instead we headed to Kapoor Food Point (local dhaba) just adjacent to our hotel. This guy served us yummy yummy Parathas, Omelette with hot tea/coffee. Right after our breakfast we headed to Dainkund Peak (we hired a local taxi for all site-seeing , for all days).

View from our Hotel

Dainkund Peak –NOW THAT’S WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT “MOUNTAIN CHARM”. We reached Dainkund Peak by 10:30 amjust 15 mins ride from our hotel. It’s a trekking (almost took 2 hrs), leading to “Pohlani Mata Devi Temple” at the top of the peak; as an old saying in ancient days Mata(Goddess) protecting the entire valley from ‘Witches’. 

Trekking at Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie
Trekking at Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

Dainkund Peak known to be highest peak in Dalhousie. It’s best place to view the entire valley, if lucky one can view Khajjiar toooo from the peak ; though the day we visited it was quite a fogging day.

Trekking at Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

Trekking started with quite a number of steps making our heart beats faster, but all our efforts paid off. As we were approaching the peak to the temple the weather became cold; we could actually see the fog moving from down to up to the hill, making the temple disappeared in fog. Did the darshan(Worshiped Goddess) and climbed to the peak for more surprises…………… 🙂

Pohlani Mata Temple at Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie
Pohlani Mata Temple at Dainkund Peak, Dalhousie

I wish I had more time in hand to praise this endless and timeless beauty.One is left with this beautiful smile…………….. a beautiful memory 🙂

Khajjiar “Khajjiar” CALLING !!! 

It took us almost 45 mins to reach Khajjiar from Dainkund Peak; it’s 25 kms from Dalhousie. It was 12:30 pm by now. By the time we started planning for this trip; Khajjiar was all over my mind. Being Internet flooded with wonderful pictures of Khajjiar, it made me more inclined towards it……. mini Switzerland of India.



“Khajjiar” is a flat lush ‘Green Meadow’ with saucer shape water body in middle, tall deodar trees surrounding it. It’s simply spellbinding for the nature lovers like me.

Khajjiar has something for everyone. People looking for adventure activities can opt for paragliding(chargeable Rs. 2500-Rs. 2000) or zorbing(chargeable Rs. 300), or simply horse riding (chargeable Rs.500-Rs.300) just like we did). Kids and even big ones will love to get clicked with these cute rabbits (chargeable Rs. 20). 


Horse riding at Khajjiar
Zorbing at Khajjiar

Personally i preferred long walks at Khajjiar ; it’s best way to explore this Beauteous Place with awesomeeee Landscape. We took a side trail and traveled through the path , deodar trees standing tall at both the sides.



Side trail at Khajjiar

I wish this extraordinary nature’s gift be maintained more.
 Himanchal Tourism should work more actively towards preserving and maintaining of Khajjiar; since its the main earning source for Dalhousie and nearby people.

After lunch , we headed to “Jagdambe Mata Temple” just 2 kms ahead of Khajjiar. The main attraction of this temple is “80 ft tall Lord Shiva Statue”.

80 ft tall Lord Shiva Statue

Evening was spend at Gandhi Chowk (local Market). We visited St. Francis Church (from British time) and simply enjoyed our ice-creams in this Chilly Weather 🙂

St. Francis Church at Gandhi Chowk Dalhousie
Street Food at Gandhi Chowk Dalhousie


After early breakfast we commenced for “Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary”, just 15 mins ride from our Hotel Satyam International. 

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctaury It is undertaken by Forest Department.The way to Kalatop starts from Lakkar Mandi. The Main attraction of Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is Kalatop Guest House-Movie Lootera frame. There are three ways to reach Kalatop Guest House.

Trekking at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Dalhousie

1. One way to reach Kalatop Guest House is my your own vehicle, my paying Rs. 250/-toll  tax to forest department at entrance gate.

2.Other way is to walk to Kalatop Guest House by main road; charges for guide is Rs. 100/-, is almost 3 kms walk from one side.

3.Third and the most exciting way is to trek through forest;  the way we opted. I think it’s the best way to enjoy and explore. It’s almost 2 hrs trek to the Guest House. The trek was very difficult, at times it seemed really impossible to reach the destination. Since we visited after monsoon; the entire way was filled with wild plants and to that the fallen trees made it worst. We took Sonu(Guide) with us, he made our trek successful; many many thanks to him. Charges for guide is Rs. 500/-

Trekking at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Dalhousie

Finally after 2 hrs of trek we were thrilled to see the road….haha; and there was this beautiful Guest House. Sonu(guide) was happy to share movie- Lootera experience; after all it was the very first time he saw a actress, lovely Sonakshi Sinha 🙂


Kalatop Guest HouseIt’s lovely Guest house; surrounded by lawns with ample number of flowers. There are few Guest rooms and also V.l.P rooms, pre-booking can be done from Chamba. One can enjoy adventure activity like Zip-Lines here(chargeable Rs. 500). There are few eating points , one can sit and relax and enjoy hot pakoras with hot tea.

Us at Kalatop Guest House Dalhousie


Famous Kalatop Guest House

Chamba It was almost 1 pm by now, we headed to Chamba. It’s almost 50 kms from Dalhousie,  90 mins to reach Chamba via Khajjiar. Chamba is one of the main city of Chamba distt situated at the “Bank of River Ravi and is quite populated as compared to other nearby towns. It’s situated in valley. The town looks spectacular from far away. The Houses are as colorful as ‘Festival of Holi’.

Photo credit-Tripoto, Chamba Town

The main crop cultivate in this area is of Corn (Maize).One can see corns getting dry at locals house roof.

As compared to Dalhousie, Chamba was quite hot. River ravi flows through the Chamba city. We wandered around the main market and visited the “Laxmi Narayan Temple- the Oldest Temple”.

One can buy Walnuts here, it’s cheap as compared to other cities.

Laxmi Narayan Temple, Chamba
Laxmi Narayan Temple, Chamba

On returning back we drive down via Benikhet. There is diversion for Chamera Lake. Chamera lake is actually a Dam, almost 3 kms long. Since we were not interested in boating we skipped Chamera Lake but visited Rock Garden just 8 kms away from Benikhet.


The third and last day was time to relax and to explore local. The day started with ease;  late breakfast. With few steps ahead of our hotel we walked to “Bakrota Hills” to enjoy the great views of Dalhousie and also explored “Ahla Village famous for Potato Farming”. 

Potato farming at Ahla village Dalhousie

Later we commenced to Panchpula(Local) nothing much to see here, except the little water fall at the top.

Amazing Street Art at Garam Sadak Dalhousie


Disappointing from Panchpula we moved to Gandhi Chowk and from there we decided to take a long walk, since the weather was awesome. We started from Garam Sadak to Subhash Chowk, almost 2 kms . There we paid our visit to St. John’s Church and walked back to Subhash Chowk via Thandi Sadak. It turned out to be a perfect stroll.


Garam Sadak on a fogging day, Dalhousie

By the time we reached Gandhi Chowk, it was time for lunch. We had our lunch at Dalhousie’s Oldest Restaurant “kwality”. It’s perfect place for fine dinning with your loved ones. 


Time to say goodbye to Dalhousie…………………………… 

Important piece of information-

  • Buses and Private Taxis both are available to reach Dalhousie.
  • Charges for Adventure Activities varies(Peak season and off season).
  • Do carry Woolens and comfy shoes(lot of walking involved).
  • Our Hotel was Hotel Satyam International, Rs. 1500(Duluxe Room-for off season). Rooms were spacious, clean with wooden flooring.
  • Since the best way to travel Dalhousie and nearby places is by private car; it’s better to book same travel agent for all the places for all days.
  • Raju Travel Agent-9418943000


A Fun day at Universal Studio-Singapore

Hey all

A Fun day at “Universal Studio”-Singapore

“Universal Studio” situated on Resorts Worlds Sentosa is 15 mins walk from Vivo City-Habour Front MRT. We reached around 10:00 am, so as to enjoy to the fullest. The craziness in me kicked-off even before entering the U.S, everything around was like dream come true; be it The Universal Globe, Candy Trees, Chocolate special characters …………….. photos are the must(yayyyy). Everything seemed so perfect that day.


The famous “Universal Globe”, The candy trees, Chocolate characters 

As soon as our tickets got scanned at the entrance , i simply grabbed the map and the schedule; to see the timings for my special characters performance “The Minions”. 

Universal Studio is divided into seven zones,each zone designed brilliantly-


The entrance street is called the “Hollywood zone” ; it’s all about merchandise shops, cafes, photo booths. For me Hollywood zone was all about my favorite movie character Minionssss and the most famed Minion-Mart; beautifully designed with all minion stuffs from minion popcorn box to minion pen-drive to minion t-shirts to minion characters whoaaaaaaaaaaa……….

It was truly a heaven on earth for minion fans like me, it was super duper crazyyyyy!!! can’t ask for more.

Other special characters that I found were–Panda(Po), Charlie Chaplin, Frankenstein ,Marilyn Monroe….to name few.


I like to move it move it…………hahaha! Song for the day…….

Name says all! It’s all about the movie “Madagascar” franchise. Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman are the special characters of this zone. I really enjoyed the boat ride(suitable for all age group) and the 15 mins character’s performances at Madagascar zone. Alex, Gloria, Marty, Melman, Pengiuns all came together for special performances. 

The cutest part of this zone was the photo with a group statue(really huge one) of the Madagascar cast.

Far Far Away

Exquisite  Far Far Away Castle steals the show! It seemed exactly the way i used to see in fantasy movies and in storybooks as a child. Based on movie “Shrek” franchise. Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, Puss in Boots ………… are the special characters of this zone. Shrek 4-D movie was a delight to watch;cute and engaging. But the recently opened Puss in Boots ride -roller coaster,was just fantastic ;wanting for more and more(we did many a times).

The Lost World

It’s based on “Jurassic Park”. After waiting in long queue ,for almost 1 hr; I finally got on to Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure-water ride; it left me amazed! It was simply awesomeeee, do wait for the BIG SURPRISES…… not to be told but to only experienced. Canopy Flyer –roller coaster was quick and fun, Dino-Soarin –spin ride was truly a happy ride……………sit back and push the button! FLY HIGH…………….

Don’t forget to meet the star of The Lost World, the cute infant triceratops “DIANE”.

“Waterworld” is also a part of The Lost World, its live action performance show of about 30 mins…..it’s simply not to be missed.

Ancient Egypt

It’s based on the movie The Mummy”. The main attraction of this zone was the roller coaster-The Revenge of The Mummy,which I skipped! It seemed really scary…………. opps. Treasure Hunters(suitable for all age group) was seriously bore and waste of time.The Egyptian characters were koolllll to be clicked with. 


Sci-Fi City

I simply love this zone,here comes the best part, 4-D Transformer ride! a ride I did number of times and still wanting for more(be ready for longgggggg queue). Battlestar Galactica HUMAN v/s CYLON is a jaw dropping roller coaster; ultimate ride or all fearless people out, me not one of them(hehehe). Get clicked with my favorite “Transformer” franchise characters-Optimus Prime and Bumblebee…..simply LOVED IT..

New York

Enjoyed the cutest Space ride-Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase(suitable for all age groups) with Elmo and Super Grover from Sesame Streets.Now it was time for some real action Light-Camera-Action-Live show.Get yourself clicked with statue of Vin diesel and characters of Sesame Streets.


Tips & information-

1.Try to reach early, timings 10:00 am to 6:00 pm,so as to enjoy to the fullest.

2.Ticket for Universal Studio is S$74, that’s unlimited ride(yayyyyy).

3.To save money try to avoid weekends, that way you won’t need express card(VIP pass).

4.Do grab a map and schedule for the day at the entrance(check for language).

5.Before making to Singapore Studio please do visit their site for closure dates.

6.ACTION ACTION ACTION! Don’t forget to watch WaterWorld. Breath taking Live show performance-30 mins show.

7.Get ready to get wet-carry extra cloths with you! do wear comfy cloths and shoe; afterall it will be whole day of fun.

8.Carry lots of Snacks.

9.Universal Studio is indeed expensive, so do look around first and then grab your favorite stuff.

An awesome day at Singapore Zoo

Hey all

In continuation to my previous blog BEST OF SINGAPORE, here comes SINGAPORE – FUN WITH ANIMALS. Singapore Zoo and Singapore Bird Park-Jurong Bird Park makes it to the top of every tourist list and is popular among local folks also.

Weekends and holidays specially witness huge crowds.

It’s a whole day fun ;  when I say fun it’s simply not restricted to Kids, Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park can certainly be cherished by all age groups. 

For more details do read my blog BEST OF SINGAPORE.

Singapore Zoo


Yayyyyy u heard it right.

Inuka (The Polar Bear) at Singapore Zoo

From the time i knew that Singapore Zoo owns a Polar Bear, it made me super duper excited; as one don’t get lucky everyday. Definitely Inuka(the Polar Bear) is a lucky charm of Singapore Zoo; he recently celebrated his 25 th birthday…………..yayyyyyy

As you can see in the map below the Zoo is divided into 11 zones; and the main attraction of Singapore Zoo are these amazing 4 shows on daily basis(2-shows a day). These shows are super entertaining, engaging, educational and fun. The uniqueness of this zoo is that here animals are free to roam in their natural habitat. 

To make to the fullest we( me and my aunt) started quite early. We reached Zoo by 9:30 am. As soon as our tickets got scanned, we were handed a map at the entrance. Since the zoo is widely spread in very large area a map is must. Obviously by this time you must have realized that where i headed first …….. hahaha.

We straight way headed to Zone Frozen Tundra to see Inuka(the Polar Bear). 

OOOOMMMMMMGGGGG………. this gigantic Polar Bear was infront of my eyes, or i should say this fluffy giant white teddy bear. He was impressing the audience with his swimming skills…………hahaha. 

Certainly that moment was highlight of my trip, an overwhelming experience and memory to cherish through my entire life. 

It was certainly a lucky day for us, as there are days when he likes to be alone , as he vanishes in his snow cave(oppsss). 

It was around 10:15 am by now, and as per the schedule in 15 mins it was time for the first show.

Splash Safari Show(10:30am and 5:00pm)

We headed to Saw Foundation Amphitheater to see Splash Safari Show(30 mins show). The superstar of the show was this amazing trained Sea Lion. This mischievous Sea Lion was splashing water all over the audience(the one’s sitting at the front)  and entertaining us with numerous tricks. It was amazing show. 

After the show one can get clicked with Sea Lion; or i should say get a kiss from Sea Lion (Photo Charges-S$ 30).  


Elephants at Work and Play show(11:30am and 3:30pm)

For Elephants at Work and Play show(30 mins) we moved to Elephants of Asia. There were these amazing Asian elephants entertaining us by showing their strength, lifting huge wooden logs, playing with hats and showing many other tricks.

After the show one can fed elephants with busket full of fruits (Charges-S$ 5).

Rainforest Flights Back show(12:30pm and 2:30pm)

We moved back to Saw Foundation Amphitheater to see Rainforest Flights Back show(30 mins). It was quite engaging and same time educational show for us. They informed us how cutting of trees effect these little friends of ours; spider monkeys, macaws, otters, snakes, White Peacock to name few.Their natural habitat is being disturbed by our human activties. 

After the show one can get clicked with these little friends(Photo Charges-S$ 30).  


By now it was around 1:00pm ,time was all ours. We started to explore the entire zoo starting from Tropical Crops Zone and moved to others. There were some amazing and rare species of animals like Proboscis Monkey , Red River Hog, Kangaroo, Cassowary, Orangutan, White Rhinoceros, Giant Tortoise, African Penguin, African Painted Dog to name few. There was also Snake House and Reptile Garden. 

Proboscis Monkey

White Tiger

African Penguin

Giant Tortoise
African Painted Dog
Cute Meerkat
Naked Mole Rats
Babies of Naked Mole Rats

To relax and eat we moved to Rainforest Kidzworld. There is wet play area for kids to enjoy, we somehow managed to blend with the kids………haha

Splash some water on each other, best way to beat the heat of Singapore.

Overall it turned up a whole day of excitement for us. We took with us some great memories .
I do think the write up and photos in this blog are enough to make you like Singapore Zoo. Now it’s your turn to go and explore. Enjoyyyyyyyyy

Important piece of information-

  • Tickets for Singapore Zoo is S$ 33 for adults and S$ 22 for kids.
  • Timings for the Zoo is from 9:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Also one can buy combine tickets for Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari(discounts on combine tickets).
  • Photography with animals is quite expensive, try to get your own camera.
  • Do carry extra cloths, enjoy at Rainforest Kidzworld.
  • Try to start at early, so to enjoy to the fullest.


Gangtok-“The Hidden Gem” of India

Hey all

“Gangtok” located in state of Sikkim always fascinated me. Being born and brought up in Uttaranchal, Gangtok seemed really out of reach, till the time we shifted to Lucknow(U.P). Back in May-2012, I with my parents visited this beautiful hill station. We reached New Jalpaiguri (West Bengal) station by around 3 pm and from there to Gangtok; it took almost 6 hrs to reach there ; by around 10:00 pm we were in our Guest House. Weather was awesome in the month of May.

To me Gangtok is like a “hidden gem of India”, unseen pure beauty ready to be revealed. Gangtok is mainly visited by people from Bihar and West Bengal. India is truly blessed with such a great landscapes. Gangtok is one of the most cleanest and disciplined town I have ever seen.

(Funny tale- Few people still unaware of the fact that Gangtok being part of Sikkim, India. They confuse Gangtok with Bangkok,  hilarious, LOL).



Day started with breakfast at MG Marg(Mahatma Gandhi Marg). It’s the central place of Gangtok “Hub of Gangtok”. MG Marg is free vehicle zone; it’s all about great eating points, shopping stuff; great place to hangout. After breakfast the very first thing we did, contacted a travel agent for Changu(Tsomgo Lake), Baba ka Mandir and Nathula pass day tour(number of travel agents at MG marg); since prior permit is required from Sikkim Tourism Department. We submitted our ID’s and two passport photos for this process. Next day be a Tuesday we got permit only for Changu Lake; as Mondays and Tuesdays Nathula Pass are closed. 

From MG Marg taxi stand we took private taxi for local sightseeing-

Rumtek Monastery- Gangtok being influenced by Buddhism, is a place of monasteries; Rumtek being the most famous and largest monastery in Gangtok, it’s  house to hundreds of monks. Number of prayer wheels were arranged up to the monastery,we spun them as we moved up to the monastery. I somehow managed to get clicked with three little monks; they were quite shy and composed to themselves.

Ban Jhakri Falls-It’s a park with waterfall its center of attraction; adventure activity like zip-line can be experienced here.


Nehru Botanical Garden-It’s a nice garden with big greenhouse of exotic flowers.

Ganesh Tok-Great views can be seen from Ganesh Tok; few steps took us to Lord Ganesh Temple,did the darshan. Finally it was time to get dressed in Local dress called Lepchas(women dress). It was kind of fun.

 Evening was spent hanging out at MG Marg , enjoying our ice-creams. The one unnoticeable thing about MG Marg is the local youngsters; their koolllll fashion sense, high heels and their koolllllll haircuts; Swag boss Swag.


Yayyyy !!! Time to experience best of Gangtok. We reached MG Marg at around 8 am for our day tour to Changu Lake and Baba ka Mandir. Our vehicle(sumo on sharing basis) was ready to take us. It was almost 2 hrs ride. But due to recent rain the condition of road was really bad riddled with bumps throughout the way; that made difficult in driving and took additional time to reach Baba ka Mandir. 

Baba Ka Mandir- It’s situated at nearby 13000 ft altitude.  Mandir is dedicated to Harbhajan Singh, soldier of Indian Army who died near Nathula Pass. Simply divine…………….


Changu Lake- Next stop was Changu Lake, It’s a splendid lake surrounded by the mountains at nearby altitude of 12000 ft . The scenic is picture perfect, simply treat to the eyes. In winters it’s almost covered in snow. I could still feel the chilly winds,my shivering legs. Somehow I managed to get out of the car; as I don’t want to miss the Yak ride. Dad and I really enjoyed the ride, while mom was scared to the hell……. hahaha.

Unfortunately on the way back, icy winds and road bumps made me sick :/


This day I rested, as I was not in a condition to travel. I lasted the entire day on one chocolate pastry(it felt heaven). Due to huge huge crowd we skipped the rope way.


This day we traveled to Siddheshwar Dham” at Namchi, Southern Sikkim. Siddheshwar Dham is a replica to the Hindus Char Dhams; Jagannath, Badrinath, Dwarka and Rameswaram and 12 Jyotirlingas. We reached there in 2 hrs . The entire span was full of greenery. We took some time off to see the tea garden in between. The Dham is splendidly built and is kept ultra clean. The first unnoticeable thing about Siddheshwar Dham is the gigantic Lord Shiva statue.

Important piece of Information-

  • New jalpaiguri to Gangtok  and vice versa charges on sharing basis per person (sumo) is Rs.  300/-  and by private taxi is Rs.  2200/- to Rs. 2500/-
  • Day tour charges for Changu Lake-Baba ka Mandir-Nathula Pass on sharing basis per person (sumo) is Rs.  700/-
  • Day tour charges for Changu Lake-Baba ka Mandir on sharing basis per person (sumo) is Rs. 500/-
  • Day tour charges for Siddheshwar Dham at Namchi, Southern Sikkim by private taxi is Rs. 2500/-
  • Day tour charges for local site-seeing Gangtok is Rs. 700/-
  • Number of eating points at M.G Marg.
  • Woolens required for Changu Lake-Baba ka Mandir-Nathula Pass tour.